Safe and reliable

Teachers lead the team and manages the students team throughout the process.


Australian farmer’s family experience

Participants stay in Australian farmers’ families, work with them to experience the life and work of Australian farmers; besides, understand the mechanization and operation mode of farms and pastures.

Volunteer service

Participants will participate in local pension institutions to service the elderly in the nursing homes, understanding the local social welfare system; moreover, complete the volunteer service for penguins nesting in Phillip Island.

In-depth visit to Australian and New Zealand famous universities

Participants will visit famous universities in Australian and New Zealand, famous professors of which will give  lectures to project participants, and experience the atmosphere of Australian universities. Also, Chinese teachers and students will be invited to tell participants about the requirements for admission or study abroad.

Expanding visionThrough Sociological Volunteer Research of Australia&New Zealand, well-known companies and institutions will be visited. Participants will be given a basic understanding of the operation and corporate management of foreign companies, understanding the high development of foreign high-tech and social civilization, which inspiring new ideas and new ways, and learning to observe, analyze, and think about problems from different heights and angles.

Improve teamwork ability

The whole process of the program is carried out in groups, which can greatly enhance the team’s capacity and observation ability, learn to obey the local laws and regulations, and cultivate good behaviors of mutual respect and mutual help.


University of Queensland
University of Sydney
University of Melbourne
University of Auckland

Hunter Valley

the Ginger Factory



Maori Cultural Village

Sydney Opera House

St. Mary Cathedral

Australian Museum

Live in Farmersfamily and experience differences in family culture under different background

Family Life
Social Service

Villa Maria Aged Care
Room 412, Unit 2, Floor 4, Building 1, Rongjing East St No.3, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mon-Fri
Economic Management